This project is funded with the support of the ERASMUS + Program of the European Union in accordance with the terms of the grant received by the Jean Monnet Fund.

The aim of the module “European business models: transformation, harmonization and implementation in Ukraine” is an in-depth study of European practices of competitiveness and promotion of the EU transformation process benefits.

The main objectives of the project are:

1) expansion and deepening of knowledge on the EU and benefits of European business model;

2) to promote changes in the labor market and educational space through the motivation of students’ employment and self-employment;

3) preparation of educational content based on target oriented approach (tailor-made courses on specific EU issues, public seminars, interdisciplinary trainings);

4) to provide educational assistance to students from temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, if they would be interested in the project activities (in line with KPI policy to support persons, who moved from temporarily occupied territory).

Planned activities

– forums;

– roundtables;

– trainings;

– seminars and lectures;

– conference.

Calendar of the project events
2 semester 2017/2018

Date Name Number of hours / students Person in charge
29.03 Transfer of European Policies, Strategies and Business Practices teachers, researchers, post-graduate students, students, professional groups Liudmyla Shulgina
Training courses



Harmonization of Standards as Basis for the Introduction of the European Business Model in Ukraine 10 / 30 Liudmyla Shulgina
System Approach to Harmonizing Standards – a Guarantee of Success of the European Business Model in Ukraine 9 / 30 Hanna Zhaldak
14, 16.03


21, 23.03

The EU as Endeavour Entrepreneur 10 / 30 Maryna Pichugina
Benchmarking and Strategic Implementation the European Business Model for Ukraine 11,5 / 30 Lina Artemenko
5, 19,

25, 26.04

Integration Transformation of the EU: Trends, Dynamics, Priorities 10 / 30 Viktoriia Dergachova
Achievements an Prospects of European Integration For Ukraine 9 / 30 Iryna Manaienko