Student projects created during trainings «EU as Endeavor Entrepreneur» and «Benchmarking and Strategic Implementation of the European Business Model for Ukraine»










Student research projects created during trainings “Integration Transformation of the EU: Trends, Dynamics, Priorities” (trainer – Dergachova V.) and  “Achievements an Prospects of European Integration For Ukraine” (trainer – Manaienko I.)






Origins of the emergence and development of European integration



Student projects during trainings «Harmonization of the standards as regulatory framework for the implementation of European business models in Ukraine» and «System approach to harmonization of standards as a guarantee of success of European business models in Ukraine»














Was held an open lecture on the topic: “Marketing research standards: EU experience and recommendations for Ukraine”, date of the event – 12.18.2018, lecturer – Doctor of Economics, Prof. Shulgina L. M.; participants – 79 people, including: non-economic specialties – 34, from the temporarily occupied territories – 4, foreign nationals – 1. Marketing research as a result and as a factor in the research system. Contents of international professional codes and standards; ESOMAR codes. Requirements for the relationship between the customer and the contractor, which are written in the codes and standards of marketing research. Examples and consequences of non-compliance; economic, social and mental causes of violations of standards in marketing research. Negative impact of violations of standards on business. Prospects of control mechanisms of marketing research standards in Ukraine.